4. Washed Out - Feel it All Around (47 plays)

The summer of ‘09 was a big year for me. I was 19, I had moved out of my grandma’s house and I first discovered music.

Way back on the 65th page of my “loved songs” list; I first heard ‘Feel it All Around’ on July 23rd. It was also the first time I heard anything considered chillwave, and it completely redefined tastes in music. Everything about the song was perfect; the bass line was awesome, the vocals with ethereal and hypnotizing, and the song whisked you away on some late-night urban adventure. It was sexy, it was new, it felt important.

Four years later and it still sounds brand new. If I had to name any one song I love the most, this would be it. Pump up the volume and give a listen

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Artist: Washed Out Album: 2009 Track: Feel It All Around